Monday, July 17, 2006

the holiday is over

okay, my little holiday is over (sigh) was really nice having my husband and kids around doing family things. Lounging, reading till my eyes fell out and trying not to cook too much. Here's how it looked, not that you're all that interested but for posterity I'll tell ya anyway. At least Wanda will know what we did while she was reading all my glorious books...

* Kelly and the boys came home from their camping trip with healthy tans and had lots of fun.
* We went to the University to gander at the dinosaur skeletons, geodes and fish. We had a picnic and had foot races in the bowl on the spot where Kelly and I met. My little girl is fast!!
* Waterpark in the back yard, thanks to my smart, tall, dark and handsome man. Then to the Diefenbaker Center to see an exhibit Mennonites in Saskatchewan - very neat to show the kids some of our history.
* Daddy and mommy get to go on a date while friends come to watch the kids - we go the art gallery and then have delightful snacks while the rain pours down. We take ourselves to the library and read right there - so quiet without the children.
* Clean like crazy. Go to the library for a music/story/puppet thingy. Then home to make supper for our friends coming from Winnipeg. Such a good visit. reading
* Saturday - off to Kinsmen park to play in the water after chasing the dogs around for awhile. So much fun. Then home to jump on the trampoline (yes I did Holly, with the necessary precautions taken of course), have a fire and enjoy the evening together. reading lots
* worship with the family, birthday party with friends and then home, listening to the children play, reading more.

Oh yeah, lots of sitting around and reading, gotta love that. I think I read 4 novels in about 6 days......crazy........lazy holidays.

Now I gotta snap into super organizer mode to get an article written and get ourselves and our house ready for us to temporarily move to the farm (temporary as in about a month's worth of move) for harvest..........but first, what to have for supper

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Sonya said...

Sweet! You sure packed it in, yet managed to read all that! Wow.