Thursday, July 06, 2006

Progress Report - Day 3

At the end of Day 3, we are hot and tired! BUT....

Our basement is looking mighty fine. The main part has only 2 boxes left to unpack, the laundry area still needs quite a bit of organization but it's getting better, too!
The canning jars are on the canning jar shelf and not in boxes.
The coolers have found a happy home.
I sorted all the little boxes of sundry toy parts that have been plaguing me and all those toys are happily stored in shelving units in the basement - you can't even see them when you go down!
I found my shoes!!! My favorite pair of comfy shoes have been missing since we moved.
The deck is fixed, no more holes to fall in.
Laundry is very under control.

Organization is a good thing!!

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