Monday, July 10, 2006

A Glorious Weekend

My crafty weekend is officially over. My boys are all home and I'm thrilled to see them. They're all tanned and sparkly eyed with their adventures. My weekend was a little quieter but oh so good. I wish I had the pictures developed already but I don't. So here are a few highlights:

1. My friend Holly and her little girl slept over on Friday night so we had a little picnic in the living room and told the little girls stories about themselves from when they were babes.

2. I did shrink art with the girls so that they could make bracelets for their friends the next day.

3. Saturday morning, the ladies begin to come.

4. I get to help my friend Audrey with her quilting project.

5. So many fun friends trickle through throughout the day. Over a dozen people came throughout the day!

6. The little girls carried our welcome sign out to the sidewalk to make sure everyone saw it. We put Ecc 3:1 - "There is a time for EVERY purpose under heaven." on it and made sure that the boys knew they could only enter if they were bringing treats!

7. So much laughter, discussion of women things. Projects taking shape a little at a time. Clothing passed along. Shared wisdom and help. Snacks. Fruit and cheese shish-ka-bobs!

8. I even got the valance for my living room finished.

On Sunday Marilee picked us up for church and then we went to her place for a delightful lunch. Then it was home for quiet space. Just us three girls. Abby and I started in on her hugs and kisses quilt. that little six year old has perseverance she cut out all of the 50 some applique pieces while I cut the backgrounds. She learned how to iron and faithfully pressed all the background fabric and then applied the appliques.

We read lots of "I Spy" books and other stories. We all slept in the same room. This morning my dear friend came to teach us how to do a stretching and strengthening excercise - pilates style. Lovely. Today we hung out and kept working on her quilt. I napped.

So happy to see our van drive up. My 10 year old looks taller and considerably browner for his week at camp and being dad's right hand man this week-end. He loved his week at camp and though he was full of his stories he remembered to ask me what crafty things I had done and complimented me on it when I showed it to him. I love that boy. I missed him so much. Glad to have him home....

Feeling refreshed and ready to get back to family life.


Loni said...

I sure enjoyed reading about your weekend, and wished I could have been a part of it. Sounded like a lot of fun and refreshing time. :)

Princess Warrior said...

I am sad I wasn't around this weekend. I loves my weekends with my mom and sister.

Sonya said...

Fabulous-sounding week-end! I'm going to have to send my boys somewhere!!! But I don't know that I'd have so many "girlie" things up my sleeve.

Abby, I'm so proud of you. Wow.

flowerlady said...

I wish you could all have been here! We tried calling you Sonya but you weren't home when we called...sad! And hey, girlie things are whatever you want them to be, I thought she'd want to play Barbies or something but she was gung ho for her quilt, so quilt we did!