Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Quilting Questions

I am SOOOO excited. I get to combine to of my passions into one! Writing and quilting and I would like your help whether you're a quilter or not.

I'm looking for thoughts on quilts and quilting. I'm writing an article on quilting for a new magazine that's coming out in the fall and would like answers to the following questions:

What does a quilt say to you?

Why bother quilting anyway?

I'd like lots of comments to draw on so please pass this on or post a link, thanks!!


Bethany said...

What does a quilt say to you? To me a quilt signals warmth, and comfort, a handmade quilt on a bed or thrown over the back of a sofa always makes me feel more at home or comfortable in my surroundings.

Why bother quilting? I quilt because it is a way to relax and feel productive at the same time. I like to think about who will use the quilt when it's finished. It's very satisfying piecing together a quilt knowing that someday it will be wrapped around a new baby or spread across a lap to keep someone warm.

Melissa said...

I quilt because it is something my great grandmother and grandmother did growing up, and it intrigues me to see the beautiful handiwork they did before me.

What does a quilt say to you?

Currently I have a quilt my great grandmother made for my mother hanging on my foyer wall. It's the very first thing you see when you walk in. It makes everyone feel warm and comfortable in our home. I wrap myself in it on occasion once the kids are in bed so I am reminded of the beautiful hands that worked each piece in cutting, pining, sewing and quilting to make this masterpiece.

Princess Warrior said...

To me a quilt means comfort and memoriies, time and care. Someone spent many hours cutting and saving and creating material to depict something for someone special. A quilt is a way to tell the story of the past. Have you ever read the scarlet thread by francine rivers? It is about a quilt.

flowerlady said...

these thoughts are great! Keep 'em coming

Kim said...

To me a quilt says tradition and family.

Why quilt anyway? Because it's relaxing, creative, productive and it makes me feel artistic!

debbie said...

When I quilt I feel it is an extension of myself and of my personality. My home decor with the warmth, the colors, and the vibrancy, all reflect back onto my personality. The bonus is that its soothing, creative, and everyone likes getting a quilt!

Cottage Rose said...

Quilts are memories that you can enfold around you in troubled times.

Let Grace and Mercy flow . said...

Quilts to me, are Gods way of keeping us wrapped up tightly when we are headed astray. And each part of a quilt represents a little part of who we are in Christ. Knitted tightly together we keep each other warm by sharing our testimony.

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Oh yeah I was living by faith 2

RANDI said...

For me, a quilt says a lot about tht person who made it. I think that people put a lot of effort and personality into their creations so it contains a little piece of them. i especially love Amish quilts because they are known as "plain people" but their quilts reflect such a beauty and artistic skill--it is breathtaking!

Why bother quilting? I find it to be a relaxing, creative outlet and it allows me to purchase fabric! ;) I love to give someone a handmade gift in colors they will love.

starting over said...

I think that a quilt represents family and community. Back in the day the women of the community would come together, quilt and do female bonding. We do that now. Not in the same way, but it still happens.

Mrs. House Mouse said...

Hi there! Found my way here through Randi. You have a lovely garden! *Smile*
I come from a long line of quilters, but have only recently tried it myself. I am working on a doll quilt for my daughter. My first attempt, and it seems to be taking forever! *LOL*
What does a quilt say to me? Well, to quote Sponge Bob's granny, "There's love in every stitch!"
I have some old quilts that were made not only from love, but also out of necessity. It gets cold here in the mountains!
My daughter has a special pink quilt made by her great aunt. It has her initials sewn on it. One of these days, she will share stories of her quilt and who/where she came from.
Why bother quilting? I have found it to be a haven of rest in my quite often chaotic life. I have peripheral neuropathy, and I have been enjoying using my hands to create something beautiful. It might not be perfect, but that I did it means a lot to me! *Smile*

flowerlady said...

i am so looking forward to coming and finding out where all of you 'live'. thanks for playing with me!!

clarice said...

Well honestly I do not like quilting. Try to cut a strait line kills me. But my 10 DD is making a simple quilt (we bought precut squares) and she is loving it. So I am trying to embrace quilting. Clarice

Me! said...

Hi! I found this by way of Randi. What does a quilt say to me? It says comfort, warmth, home, memories and love. I only have 2 quilts that I have bought. The others have all been made by my mom, grandmother, my husbands grandmother and my mother in law crochets. I like the ones that are made by family because there is extra love in them. My mom made one for me when I was around 13 and it is a family tree quilt. Starting with Great grandparents right on down to me. My daughter now sleeps under it. There are times that I will grab it if I am sick and snuggle up on the couch, I feel like my mom is sitting with me then. I don't quilt myself but have been thinking about trying it. I hope that my comment hasn't bothered you since I am a first timer!

flowerlady said...

There's the beauty of quilting, you don't have to like doing it to enjoy the finished product!! I can't think of anyone who wouldn't like getting a quilt.

(Grumpy mom, I'm certainly not bothered by your comments, you are most welcome in my flower garden)

Jenny said...

My best friend made a quilt for my 3rd son's birth. It has been the most precious gift. I think of the time involved in making the quilt. The thought put into the design; The quality of workmanship and the stories that will be passed on from generation to generation on how someone could take the effort and put so much love into a gift.

LoriLaurieLauri said...

What does a quilt say to me? Warmth, coziness and love from the person who put all of that time and effort into making it.

Why bother quilting?
Personally, I love picking out and putting all of those wonderful colors together! Making the top is my favorite part.

I like the actual hand quilting part because it is so relaxing, and I can feel my thoughts, love and energy going into every single stitch.

Also, I want to leave something behind for my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren...and I cannot think of a better way to show my love of them, to them.

Sonya said...

The quilts I have have been made for me by family...so I always think of the maker. They're handmade so I always know much time and love went into them. Quilts just seem more comforting than almost any other kind of blanket. They're very often more creative. They say "I was thinking of you".

I guess I actually have made a quilt. And that one says, "Way to go...you did it..." I'm very proud of it.

I don't know that I would do another quilt, but it was neat to have designed and created it and be able to use it and feel proud of it every time we have a picnic or go to the beach. Plus, I don't know of any other kind of blanket that works as well as a jean quilt.

Mrs. Mandy said...

Hi there! My first visit, found you by chance and couldn't resist such a cool question.
What does a quilt say to you?
One word...Love.
I have been quilting since I was about 12, and I adore making Baby Quilts. I say a little prayer over each one before sending it to it's new little owner, asking the Lord to watch over and care for the small little one who will enjoy it.
Why bother quilting anyway?
Quilting is a very unique art form. You can express yourself creatively, yet remain safely within your comfort zone if you wish. Finding a pattern you love, then playing with colors, fabrics, and textures, know that there are no hard and fast rules you need worry about breaking. Plus, even as a novice I discovered that the flaws so easily identifiable to myself were invisible to the recipient. All they saw was the love.
Thanks for the question!

Tanya Nichols said...

quilting speaks to me of time, love, energy, sacrifice, art, a creative spirit, heritage, babies...
My favorite type of quilt has some sort of chenille in it...LOVE IT...
Now I want a quilt LOL