Sunday, July 23, 2006


My goodness, almost a whole week without posting, something is quite possibly wrong with me. No, not really, just busy being a domestic wonder woman. I've been canning fruit, making jam and killing chickens - preparing for winter, just like all the pretty little ants running through my kitchen. My precious boy turned 4 today so we had to have a party, his first one, very low key - went to a near by body of water with a friend or two and stayed cool and ate cake. I'm sure there are flowers growing in there somewhere but right now I'm really too tired to go searching for them.

My actual flower gardens are looking pretty scary. It's been so hot everything is wilting, including me!! My vegetable garden is looking fabulicious, however. We've eaten lettuce, beans and peas out of there...yum, yum!! My poor house on the other hand has been sadly neglected and must come back into order tomorrow.

I also have to find my post about the new superhero I created...she's called Domestic Diva.........and I don't know where I put her.


Princess Warrior said...

Hey, How is the exercise coming?

Chelsea said...

Was just catching up on some blogs, and you were one of them today...So glad that someone else is on the exercise bandwagon. It may not seem like it right now, but it actually becomes addicting...I can't live without it now...and a big yeah for your/our wonderful friend!!! She sure is great. YEAH for Pilates!!!

flowerlady said...

Exercise is going pretty good, actually. I'm afraid it often happens around midnite, but I'm committed by golly and I'm gonna do it!! I miss a few days here and there for things like killing chickens but I've been getting most days in.

BayouMaMa2 said...

Hi Flowerlady!

You mean it's really that hot up north? The heat down here is really getting to everyone...the humidity just nullifies everything...why I even try to fix my hair...I have no idea! LOL!

I envy your domestic abilities...I could never kill a chicken, though. I always tell BayouPaPa I wish I had a cow and a couple of chickens...and he laughs heartily asking what in the world what I want that for??? Well, for eggs and milk, hun! But the only chicken I'd fry would come from the meat market. I guess that's why he finds it so hilarious!

Have you ever visited It is a great site...I think you'd love it.

Take care hun!