Monday, July 03, 2006


We are on holidays. Not the kind where you go away to some exotic place, just stayin' in our own back yard, literally. Our back yard is nasty and in need of great help. THat's our mission for this week...

We will, if the Lord allows:

1. re-invent our play structure (it's all in pieces)
2. build a wood crib for all the piles of firewood floating around the yard
3. consolidate all the piles of firewood into the woodcrib
4. borrow a working lawnmower and mow the grass
5. fill in all the holes that our boys have dug
6. haul in sand or some other substance for the play area
7. paint the garden fence
8. re-build the fire pit
9. lay down a walkway from the deck to the back fence
10. fix the deck

However, we don't want to be working the whole time!! We intend to have fun with friends and family, too.

We've already celebrated Canada Day with our dear friends, took in the fireworks and have shared a fireside with more of our spiritual family while fighting off mosquitoes and eating s'mores. I"m so glad to have my husband home during the day. I'm very spoiled. He's worked out of our house for most of our married life, but when May comes, he dons his painting cap and heads out the door most days. I miss him dreadfully and so do the kids, so we're just tickled to have his hairy face here each day!

My big boy is at camp for the week...I miss him already!
I'm hoping to do some sewing this week...spend time at the pool and help in the yard.

I think I'll find a different kind of tea to drink each day. Today's tea, kids tea, Tutti Frutti. Very pretty color. The leaves are really pretty, too. No caffiene. And tastes...fruity!! Heard of a new way to make ginger tea that I'm gonna have to try so that's going on my list...

mmmmmmmmm..........more restful around if only we could find the garage keys!!

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