Tuesday, July 04, 2006


So here's what we've been able to accomplish so far!!!

Two platforms with a bridge in between are up!
The cold storage room is ready for receiving canning!
The floor in our daughter's closet is finished.
A shelving unit went into her room after a major decluttering and cleaning took place.
We found the girlie's summer clothes.
We found the little boy's summer clothes.
We uncovered the bikes in the garage.
The lost garage keys were found!!
5 baskets of laundry were folded.
The upstairs got vacuumed.
The lawn is mowed.
Our cash flow planning is back up and running (took a horrible hiatus after E. showed up) - very bad to live with no cash flow plan when you are finally used to one, very stressful.

More to come...........wish we had a digital camera and we could visualize this process for you!

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