Friday, October 05, 2012

5 Minute Friday: Welcome {Day 5}

I'm beginning to think that 'something' just doesn't want me to be able to write.  This week I have had internet/computer issues like nobody's business!
We are here on Friday, Day 5 of 31 Days of Uncommon Creativity.  Yup, for 31 days I'm going to be writing about and sharing thoughts/projects, etc. on creativity.To start at the here.
In my outline I said I was going to show you around some projects that I'm working.  My biggest project at the moment is the kitchen.  We are painting cupboards and the kitchen floor is a labyrinth of the stuff that was in the cupboards!  The pictures should be interesting.  Tomorrow we will be talking about creativity on the home front with the kiddos.
But today is Friday and on that outline I totally forgot about 5-minute Friday!  I am new to this experience but I love it.  Gypsy Mama posts a word - then we write for 5 minutes on that topic.  No over-thinking, no massive editing, just whatever is in your heart and mind for those 5 minutes.  
Then we link back and go encourage someone else in what they've written.  If you're a blogger let me encourage you to go try it.  5 minutes of writing. It is an exhilarating creative process and, I think, totally appropriate for this series.  Today's topic is:



I am the welcomer, not my home.  I am the one who issues the invitation to come into my physical space.  I'd like that space to be welcoming.  Just thinking about that word gives me visions of cozy chairs, fireplaces and mugs of hot tea.  I want to be that space.

I want to be the person that invites you in to share my spaces, to allow you to see my 'decorating', the things that are hanging on my walls that reflect my passions and my likes.  I don't want to be peeking around the door trying to gauge whether or not you are worthy of my welcome.

You're welcome.  You have received what I have offered and I say those words.  A welcome is a gift that must be received in order to be enjoyed.  Of course it must be offered in the first place.  I want to be a gift to you that you can receive with thanksgiving and then I can say, "You are welcome to come back for more."  You are welcome in my space, I trust you and you can be safe for me.  I will provide a shelter for you here.

I guess that's what God does for us, He welcomes us into the amazing relationship that is His with His son and the Holy Spirit.  He welcomes us in.

Five Minute Friday


Sherry G said...

Your perspective on welcome is awesome! I have always thought of my home being a welcoming place, but never as myself being welcoming. :)

Denise said...

Fantastic post.

Anonymous said...

VERY nicely done...