Saturday, October 20, 2012

Creative Home - part 3 {Day 20}

When I asked my kids this morning what they thought I should write about for the "Creative Home" part of this series, they started spitting things out like...

"Lego walls!"
"What if our walls were made of spaghetti!?"

And crazy stuff like that, it made me laugh!  Not exactly what I was after but it made us all smile to imagine a house built out of spaghetti!

Creativity needs a place to be a little silly, a place where it's okay to be slightly foolish.  Sometimes our house is one where you can dance in the kitchen and dress up in crazy outfits.  We laugh and joke and enjoy each other's thoughts and ideas.  And sometimes it is not...

Sometimes our home is critical and cutting and not a very nice place to voice new ideas because there's a very good chance that someone is going to laugh at you instead of with you, tell you your idea is stupid or compete with you for a better idea.

I wish that kind of stuff never happened, but it does, and unfortunately it's part of the dynamic that makes up our family, we are far from perfect.  Perhaps that's why I treasure little moments like this morning when everyone is on the same page and they're all okay with it.

If you want a creative atmosphere in your make room for it...

1.  give space for imagination, play and experimenting...
2.  help your children learn to value one another's ideas
3.  be a little silly sometimes so that they learn that it's okay to let loose
4.  explore the full range of emotions
5.  bite your tongue
6.  try not to 'make it better' - let 'it' be what 'it' is
7.  what about you?  What are your ideas to help foster creativity in your home?

Play outside the box!  Okay sometimes you need to learn what the box looks like first!

Look at things from a different angle!

Does ALL the dough have to be bread?

Try a new texture or surface

sometimes it's okay not to draw on paper!

or dance on the furniture

Flubber Fist!

This post is one in an ongoing series called {31 days of Uncommon Creativity}.  If you'd like to start back at the beginning you can do so by clicking here!  You can find a lot of other 31 day-ers over at Nesting Place. go check it out you may find some great stuff there that is just begging for you to read it!

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