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Gratitude Card - tutorial {Day 11}

Good morning everyone!  October is Pastor Appreciation least it is in Canada.  I happen to be married to a pastor and they sure could use some appreciating now and then!  May I encourage you to grab some paper and write a note letting your priest/rabbi/clergy or whatever else you may call your spiritual leader and say thank you for all the hard work they do!
This is a card I made out of things I have on hand.

the raw ingredients
the finished product

Here are the step by step instructions.  I cheated and used these beautiful pre-made card blanks.  I have found them at Wal-Mart in the craft area but I'm pretty sure there are other places to find them.  They are so nice to use since they're already pretty just as they are, you just need to add your embellishments and sentiments and you're on your way! (I will include a complete list of ingredients at the end of this post).

I punched out quite a few leaves using a Creative Memories leaf punch and then chalked the edges.  I used a Creative Memories chalking stamp pad but you could use other ink as well.
Next I made my own little die-cut for the 'Gratitude' bar.  I was using Close to My Heart ink and stamps.  I have to admit they are my favorite stamps, I love that I can see exactly where I'm stamping and if the stamp has transferred the ink completely.  A brilliant product as far as I'm concerned! (ink color is Chocolate)
Then I carefully cut that out leaving a bit of the red around the stamped image as a border.  Use sharp scissors for this!
I ripped the edges of a long strip of cardboard to the size I wanted and added some brass brads to the corners.  I love brads, they really help to anchor a piece and lend some weight to and area you want to highlight.  I added pop-dots to the back of my die cut and stuck it to the strip.
You can see how the pop dots give a three dimensional effect.
Next I took all those little leaves and scattered them across the front, gluing down as I went.  I kept about 4 aside to use the pop dots with to give dimension to the leaf pile.  I love how the chalked edges take the leaves out of the blah and into the wow!
I glued down a little strip of red rick-rack behind the banner piece and then glued that over top and I was all done!  This card took about 20 minutes to complete including all the picture taking!  Enjoy and go bless some one today by showing your gratitude for them.

Complete ingredient list:
Leaf Punch - Creative Memories
Chalking Ink (Chocolate) - Creative Memories
Gratitude Stamp and Ink (Chocolate) - Close to My Heart
Card stock for leaves and banner - from my scraps
Rick-rack - from my stash - (you can use any bit of ribbon)
Brads - also from my collection of accessories
Card blank - The Dana Collin Collection - purchased at Home Sense or Wal-Mart
Adhesive - Elmer's Dot Runner
Pop dots - from my stash - you can buy those things just about anywhere!

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