Sunday, October 28, 2012

What I Saw

I saw her.

Perched and searching.

Looking for someone.

She was looking for me but I was hidden in my book.

I saw him.

I saw people walk around him.

He just wanted a cup of coffee.

So I bought him one.

I saw her.

Looking lost and scared and lonely.

Hoping someone would see her.

I extended an invitation and found a friend.

I saw her.

Sitting, waiting patiently.

She shared a tiny piece of her heart and it looked a little like mine.

I saw her.

Trying hard to keep the baby quiet but it wasn't working.

Cloaked in shame and frustration she left the room, I remembered those days and felt her pain.

I saw her.

A God-ordained moment, a door I prayed to open and it did.

Because, for some reason, she needed me just then.

They saw me.

Beautiful, sweet women who I've held close to my heart.

They watched and waited for me and threw the doors of their hearts wide.

Seeing, being seen.

This was Allume.


Julie Anne said...

Oh, I had some of these moments, saw some of them, too! So beautiful in your writing! Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth Giger said...

I'm here from the Allume linkup! This is really beautiful. I love the way that you wrote this, using the same phrase over and over with the twist around at the end. A beautiful way to share some of your moments from the conference. It sounds like a wonderful time.

Tereasa said...

It was such a pleasure to meet you and gain a friend! I am so glad we saw one another!

Kat @ Inspired To Action said...


Laura said...

Oh thankful God sat us next to each other on that teeny tiny plane. Thank you for seeing me!! You are a beautiful writer.

Lani - the flowerlady said...

You are all so kind! Julie, Tereasa, glad I saw you, too!

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